Public Offer Agreement between the Client (Investor) and Royal Stability LTD on trust management of financial assets

1. Subject Matter of the Agreement

1.1. The Client (Investor) transfers to the trust management of Royal Stability LTD the financial assets owned by the Client (Investor) in the amount of not less than ten (10) US dollars.
1.2. Royal Stability LTD shall accept the financial assets owned by the Client (Investor) in the amount of not less than 10 (ten) US dollars for trust management and pledges to manage and invest them in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.
1.3. Management of financial assets means conducting transactions through the trading account of the company and trading on the international foreign exchange market (Forex) for obtaining the maximum profit.

2. Rights and obligations of the parties

2.1. Rights and obligations of Royal Stability LTD.

2.1.1. Royal Stability LTD shall to provide any third parties with any information that makes it possible to access the Client's (Investor's) financial assets placed on the general trading account. Every single financial transaction conducted through the trading account shall be considered to be performed by trader of Royal Stability LTD.
2.1.2. The Client (Investor) hereby agrees that the Trader(s) of Royal Stability LTD has the full right to open or close trading positions (i.e. to conduct transaction through the trading account of the company) at the Trader's own discretion.
2.1.3. Royal Stability LTD shall receive 10% of the Client's (Investor's) profit for the provision of services to the Client (Investor) (10% of the profit is withheld automatically, and the Client actually receives net profit at the end of the tariff plan chosen by the Client (Investor), i.e. financial reporting period) for asset management and profit-making on behalf of the Client (Investor).
2.1.4. Royal Stability LTD shall return to the Client (Investor) any financial assets (the principal amount of the deposit) that he/she had deposited (after the end of financial reporting period according to which the Client (Investor) had deposited the assets) within 24/48 hours after the Client (Investor) makes the relevant request. (Exceptions are weekends and public holidays applicable in the Client's (Investor's) country and region of investment).

2.2. Rights and obligations of the Client (Investor).

2.2.1. The Client (Investor) agrees for paying to Royal Stability LTD of part of the profit made as the consideration for the services rendered to the Client (Investor) on trust management of his/her financial assets. This deduction is made according to clause 2.1.5 of this Agreement. (The deductions take place in a semi-automatic mode).
2.2.2. A Client (Investor) operating under special conditions (VIP) has the right to withdraw the deposited financial assets from the fund of Royal Stability LTD without giving any reason, at any time, with a loss of 75% of profit for the entire period of working with the company.
2.2.3. Both the Client (Investor) and Royal Stability LTD may not assign their rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties.

3. Settlements between the Client (Investor) and Royal Stability LTD shall be made at the end of the financial reporting period (at the end of the selected tariff plan duration).

3.1. The consideration on request is transferred to the Client (Investor) by electronic payment at the end of the settlement period, via electronic payment system or bank, to the wallet specified by the Client (Investor) in the personal account on the website of Royal Stability LTD.
3.2. The assets are accepted by transferring to the account of the Royal Stability LTD through the following Electronic Payment Systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, BITCOIN, Advanced Cash in automatic mode and/or through Qiwi or to the Bank details in a semi-automatic mode.
3.3. You can find a detailed description of the registration and investment process in our FAQ section or click here.

4. Term of the Agreement

4.1. This Agreement shall come into full force and effect upon reading it by the Parties on the website of the Royal Stability LTD and shall be deemed valid until its termination by default.
4.2. The moment of the beginning of this contract is the moment of registration of the Client (Investor) on the website of the Royal Stability LTD or placing assets for a certain financial reporting period (for a certain tariff plan).
4.3. This Agreement may be terminated unilaterally only after the end of the next successive financial reporting period (tariff plan duration). Both Parties to this Agreement have the right to terminate it by notifying the other Party of their intention not less than seventy-two (72) hours in advance (this function is available to VIP clients).

5. Force Majeure

5.1. In case of force majeure events entailing the impossibility of partial or full performance by either of the Parties of their obligations under this Agreement: war, fire, natural disasters, etc., the obligations under this Agreement shall be suspended for the duration of such a force majeure.
5.2. If it becomes impossible for either Party to fulfill obligations under this Agreement due to the occurrence of force majeure, this party must notify the other Party in any way about the beginning/ending of force majeure no later than ten (10) days from the date of force majeure beginning/ending.

6. Notification about the risk of the Client (Investor)

6.1. In the Forex markets, the risk of losses during trading can be very substantial. It reminds the Client (Investor) of the need to carefully analyze his/her financial means at the time of investing.
6.2. Royal Stability LTD is fully responsible for the risks to the Client (Investor).

7. Consideration of disputes and claims

7.1. All claims of the Client (Investor) concerning services rendered by the Company should be presented only in written form and not later than 5 calendar days from the moment of occurrence of the disputed situation. Any claim of the Client (Investor) shall be considered within 15 working days.