Investments in the Forex market

Return on investment of at least 150% of net profit per year.
(Trading experience since 2012)

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Trading by traders of our company on the Forex market

Return on investment of at least 100% of net profit per year.
(Trading experience since 2012)

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Trading on the Forex market with the application of a software package developed by our in-house software developers using the experience and skills of our traders. Investing in the development of machine learning algorithms.

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Royal Stability Ltd. was founded in 2008 in Ottawa (Canada) by Oliver Paterson, a graduate of Stockholm University and an experienced financial analyst.

After a long study of the market, it turned out that most of the company's income comes from investments in the Forex market. According to analysts and experts, the use of artificial intelligence in Forex trading provides tangible benefits. Thanks to AI-based software, Forex trading reaches a whole new level with more professional and advanced strategies.

In the near future, Forex trading is going become even more profitable. Every person willing to invest their savings profitably can enter into a contract with us, thus entrusting their funds to our highly qualified specialists in capital growth. And it's much easier than managing your personal investment portfolio on your own.

Today, the Royal Stability Ltd. is a company with a long history of success, providing its clients with a high yield of at least 150% net profit per year.


2021 is the time of a breakthrough in the development of artificial intelligence in relation to the Forex market. Artificial intelligence is able to analyze multiple data points in seconds, thus it can identify trading patterns with better performance and copy them for smart trading. By analyzing news headlines, social media comments, and content from other platforms, artificial intelligence forecasts traders' actions as well as stock direction using the analysis of market sentiments. Since the era of rapid technological development has now arrived, artificial intelligence is facilitating stock trading with every passing millisecond. Our professional traders upgrade their best practices, use FOREX-TBOT, which independently evaluates the situation on the market and makes a decision on a profitable deal. This bot designs trading strategies, recognizes market trends in order to become smarter with the help of freshly acquired knowledge. It even knows how to imitate the thinking of analysts. Artificial intelligence is becoming a cornerstone component in developing trading strategies for markets that are hard to predict. It does not just trade according to a written algorithm, but constantly collects and processes huge amounts of data, analyzes events and trends, makes decisions itself.

FOREX-TBOT is a groundbreaking technology that significantly speeds up trading, shapes the future of exchange trading, and will make it even more profitable in the nearest future. An integrated vision of the situation combined with the use of modern technology makes it possible to achieve a high level of yield from 150% per year.

Choose the rate plan that fits you and get a guaranteed and stable profit with Royal Stability Ltd.

Statistics board for the top 13 traders are shown below
First Name Country Returns on transactions
per month
Number of transactions
Craig Lipschutz Australia under 57 % over 400 *
Stanley Miller UK under 51 % over 300 *
Joe AUGUSTIN France under 48 % over 200 *
Edward Richardson UK under 45 % over 300 *
Bojing Qiang China under 53 % over 200 *
Chung Mèng China under 41 % over 350 *
Manchu Cáo China under 35 % over 400 *
Shanyuan Hé China under 38 % over 400 *
Xiaowen Zhāng China under 28 % over 150 *
Masahiro Matsumoto Japan under 49 % over 300 *
Satoshi Yamashita Japan under 33 % over 400 *
Toshiko Ogawa Japan under 37 % over 250 *
Gilberto CASTELO Brazil under 35 % over 300 *

The statistics are provided for the period of 12 months
the results of other traders start from 20-30% per month at the number of transactions not more than 200

By choosing Royal Stability LTD,
you are guaranteed to get a passive income without any risk!

Choose your plan and start earning today

"Royal Begin"

Minimum amount: 10 $

Maximum amount: 100 $

Duration: 10 days

Return on investment: 1% daily

The deposit is returned: at the end of the period

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"Royal Trust"

Minimum amount: 101 $

Maximum amount: 500 $

Duration: 30 days

Return on investment: 1.3% daily

The deposit is returned: at the end of the period

Create a deposit

Minimum amount: 501 $

Maximum amount: 2999 $

Duration: 60 days

Return on investment: 1.5% daily

The deposit is returned: at the end of the period

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"Royal Profit"

Minimum amount: 3000 $

Maximum amount: 5999 $

Duration: 70 days

Return on investment: 1.8% daily

The deposit is returned: at the end of the period

Create a deposit

Minimum amount: 6000 $

Maximum amount: 9999 $

Duration: 90 days

Return on investment: 2% daily

The deposit is returned: at the end of the period

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"VIP Royal"

Minimum amount: 10000 $

Maximum amount: 50000 $

Duration: 120 days

Return on investment: 3% daily

Daily accruals

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  • Guaranties of safety and growth of funds
    The minimum yield on investments we manage is 150% of net profit per annum when working on Forex. It is one of the highest rates on the market. We use FOREX-TBOT, a revolutionary technology that makes it possible to achieve a high level of yield on investment.
  • Security.
    We use multi-stage data protection and advanced technology to ensure the security of your funds and a high level of privacy.
  • International markets.
    Our customers can make transactions in international markets as an additional opportunity to diversify the risks of investments.

We answer your questions

What is Forex trading?
Forex is an international currency exchange market, where currencies are traded at free prices. International Foreign Currency Exchange was established in 1971. Its creation was a consequence of the transition of the global currency trade to a floating exchange rate. Since then, all currency trading is carried out in pairs (USD to Swiss franc, USD to Japanese yen, USD to Euro). There is a simple model for determining the relative exchange rate of currencies: it is the rate that suits both parties of the trade. In terms of daily turnover, the Forex market significantly exceeds the volumes of all other financial markets. Experts estimate that by 2020 the daily turnover of the Forex market will be as high as 10 trillion U.S. dollars.
Where is the Forex exchange located?
Forex is an over-the-counter market that operates 24/7 and has no specific physical location. All operations are carried out in the interbank market. Forex trading starts in Sydney and smoothly shifts to other major financial centers (Tokyo, New York, London, etc.).
Are there any differences between the Forex market and the stock market?
Most certainly. First of all, in the stock market the participants deal with the purchase and sale of securities, and in the Forex market with foreign currencies. This is the largest world market with constantly growing liquidity. Secondly, trading on Forex is going on day and night with almost no stops, which makes it possible to choose from a lot of short-term strategies for profitable trading.
Can we say that Forex is a lottery?
Forex has nothing to do with lotteries. The lottery's prizes depend solely on luck and the random outcome of events. Forex is a market subject to strict economic laws, and the earnings here depend only on the experience of the trader and the strategy used.
What currencies are primarily traded on the Forex market?
The most important world currencies, with which the most trading operations are carried out, are: United States dollar, euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Swiss franc, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and Swedish krona.
Is it profitable to trade on the Forex market?
If you are qualified and experienced, yes. If you are a beginner, we recommend trading with the assistance of market professionals. For example, Royal Stability traders provide return on investment for their clients at the rate of at least 150% of net profit per year.
Is it possible to make profit from the Forex market without having special knowledge in this field?
In theory, this is possible. But, without knowing all the laws of the market and having the insider information, you will face a high risk of losing your funds. We recommend you to take the first steps only with the assistence of professionals who will help you to carry out trading in a profitable way and prevent possible losses.
How do you make a profit?
It's simple. You get profit from the difference between the price of buying and selling currency.
Transferring your money into trust management: can it be my principal source of income?
We recommend that you start by investing your idle funds to make sure that it works and brings you profit. After that, you can project and calculate your profit for the selected period and make the decision. For most of our clients, transferring their money into our trust management is the principal and constant source of income.
How often do I have to go into my profile and conduct any transactions after fransferring my funds to your company for trust management?
Once you have chosen a plan and added funds to your balance, professional traders take on the work and increase your deposit according to the chosen plan. At the same time, you will see the account status and interest accrued in your profile at any time. You can withdraw profits to your bank card or make new profitable investments. No other actions from the client are required.
How quickly will I start to profit from the funds I have transferred to your company for trust management?
Everything depends on the chosen plan. For example, if you choose the "Royal Begin" plan, you will be able to make profit within 10 days after making the investment. In case of "VIP Royal" plan, you enter into a 120-day contract, but the returns here are much higher (3% per day).
What are Forex TRADEBOT and Forex Crypto Bot?
Trading bots are specially designed software that makes it possible to find and open profitable trades automatically. Bots use advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analysis. The combination of personal experience and professionalism of traders, insider information and trading bot technology makes it possible for us to navigate the market without going wrong and guarantee high returns for our clients.
Do I need to learn Forex trading if I transfer funds to your trust?
It is certainly beneficial for your growth and further self-development. But this is your personal choice. Most of our clients prefer going about their personal business, traveling or taking some time off while Forex traders with many years of experience engage in investing and trading on their behalf.
What is the monthly return on investment in Royal Stability Ltd.?
Everything depends on the chosen plan. If you choose "VIP Royal", you will receive a daily return of 3% on your investment for 120 days.