Jobs in Royal Stability LTD

Royal Stability Ltd. is looking to hire highly qualified and experienced traders.

In order to join our team, you will need to send a job application to us using our contacts.

You will need the following:

1. A document confirming the experience in the Forex market not less than 5 years with the profit not less than $80,000.
2. After that, you will be invited to an interview, where you have to pass a market knowledge test.
3. In case of passing the test successfully, you will be accepted for a probationary period with a demo account.
4. After passing all the above stages, you will be employed as a trainee under the mentorship of an experienced Forex trader.

We are also ready to welcome new investors.

Our company representatives enjoy the following benefits:

✔ Stable monthly salary from the company
✔ Special opportunities for the management of own investment sources
✔ Multiple increases in your income
✔ Stable and reliable job in a fast-growing company
✔ Flexible hours at the office or at home
✔ Full financial independence

Come and join Royal Stability Ltd. team!